Here are some Frequently Asked Questions. If you do not find what you are looking for, please feel free to use the Contact page and send me an email. I will be happy to answer your questions.
Q. How Much is Shipping in Australia?
A. A Flat Rate of $7 for all orders under $99. For orders $99 and above, it is FREE!

Q. Do you ship overseas?
A. Yes. I post to NZ, USA and the UK. Shipping rates are calculated at checkout.
Q. Is there a minimum for AfterPay?
A. Nope. Any order qualifies.

Q. How are my Prints Packaged so they won't get damaged?
A. Good question! Every A4 Print is placed on top of a strong piece of cardboard to prevent bending, and then sealed inside a plastic sleve so it doesn't get dirty or marked. Then it goes inside a Rigid A4 Mailer at the Post Office which is registered. The larger prints (A3 & A2) are rolled up in tissue paper to keep them in perfect condition and then placed inside a solid Mailing Tube for posting.

Q. But if my print is rolled up, won't that ruin it?
A. Nope! This is how all artwork is mailed around the world. It will not damage the print or crease it in any way, and it easily flattens out when placed under a book, or if it is going in a frame, you'll never know it was rolled.

Q. How do you contact me if I order something personalised?
A. Email! So make sure it is correct as that is how I will send you a preview of your order to make sure it is correct before I send the final version to you.
Q. I haven't got a preview of my poster yet?
A. PLEASE Check your Junk Inbox!! Sometimes when there is an attachment, your email will automatically send it to the junk box to protect you from potential spam and viruses. So please check there. But I will generally try and email you multiple times if I haven't heard a reply.

Q. How long do your personalied products take?
A. I can generally start most items within 3 Business Days. If I'm really busy, I will contact you after your purchase to let you know if I require a longer time-frame.
Q. Where are my Decals Printed?
A. Lucky for me, because I don't have my own Large Format Printer and Vinyl cutter on hand, I was able to find an extremely lovely lady here in Australia called Tash who prints all my decals for me! I send her the order information and then once she'd printed and packaged your order, she sends me the tracking information! This is the reason I may not quite be as competitive on price as other larger-scale businesses because I have to out-source the printing, but you know that it's done from a wonderful home, from a fellow Small Business owner. I love supporting fellow Business Mums!!
Q. Do you offer Samples?
A. The short answer is No. However, please send me an email if you are unsure about my decals working on your walls, and I am usually more than happy to post you one of my own small decal samples.
Q. Help, my Decal is dirty!
A. Don't Panic! My decals can be washed with warm soapy water and they'll be good as new once dry! But please DO NOT USE soap that has any natural oils, or any oils at all because this will strip the adhesive off and the decal won't be sticky anymore.